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Machine Vibration Monitoring

Vibration Analysis has been instrumental in advancing machine reliability since its introduction. Vibration occurs when an alternating force or motion is applied to a mechanical system, or when a mechanical system is set off with an initial input and then allowed to vibrate freely.

Independent evaluation on rotating machines and structures can provide detailed information, for quality control and maintenance purposes. Evaluation of mechanical vibration ISO 10816 including other appropriate standards are used to evaluate plant condition with other important vibration monitoring techniques.

The appropriate frequency of vibration monitoring is determined by a number of factors that scores the criticality of the plant, by considering the following aspects; 

  • Operating requirements

  • Type of plant and operating environments

  • High or low speed machinery

  • Business impact caused by machine failure

  • Availability of spare parts and machine replacement

  • Standby equipment

  • Maintenance Intervals and availability of technicians and contracting companies 

Regular vibration monitoring otherwise known as Condition Monitoring has proven an industry success for machine reliability. Dynamic monitoring services are provided across an array of industry sectors;

  • Energy - Power Stations, EFW (energy from waste), Oil and Gas

  • Paper Mills

  • Aggregates 

  • Water Works and Pumping Stations

  • Recycling Centres

  • Building Facilities

  • Manufacturing

  • Transportation (Railways)

  • Aerospace 


Trending routine vibration data has detected many machine faults, that has prevented lost downtime whilst increasing plant availability and production across many key facilities and sites across the UK. 

Our Reliability Engineers are BINDT ISO18436 Certified and are proven across many key sectors for resolving complex machine vibrations, such as;

Machine Faults

  • Unbalance 

  • Misalignment

  • Bearing Defects

  • Machine Resonances

  • Manufacturing Problems

  • Electrical Motor; Stator and Rotor 

  • Electrical Inverter Drives

  • Lubrication

  • Gear Teeth

  • Machining Errors

  • Assembly Errors

Our vibration data analysers are certified for ATEX / IECEx Zone 2 approved assessments for use in hazardous locations; class 1, Division 2. 

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