The Art of Vibration Monitoring


A Comprehensive Approach

Vibration Analysis

Our Reliability Engineers are BINDT ISO18436 Certified and are proven across many key sectors for resolving complex machine vibrations, such as;



Bearing Failure

Machine Resonance

Machine Design Issues

Building Vibrations

Vibration Analysis has been instrumental in advancing machine reliability since its introduction. Vibration occurs when an alternating force or motion is applied to a mechanical system. Or when a mechanical system is set off with an initial input, and then allowed to vibrate freely.

Independent evaluation on rotating machines and structures can provide detailed information,

for quality control and maintenance purposes. 

Expert Guidance

Dynamic Balancing

Unbalance is one of the most common faults found in rotating assemblies that reduces the overall reliability.

On-Site Dynamic Balancing performed by our experienced engineers, is the most economical method for correcting mass unbalance, in a completely assembled machine.

The advantages of On-Site Dynamic Balancing are;

Machine life expectancy in particular the Bearings are maintained.

Costly dis-assembly and transportation of Rotors are not necessary.

Secondary damage is prevented.

Mountings and operating aspects are taken into consideration.

The Path to Success

Condition Monitoring

Is a commitment to machine reliability, designed to analyse, confront, and solve the ever changing demands placed on critical assets. 

Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) is proven to be an essential strategy for optimisation of machinery performance, leading to reduced maintenance costs, increased production for many process industries, and essential services. 

Our Vibration Monitoring Service is dedicated and bespoke for all our clients demands.

A Comprehensive Approach

Drive Shaft - Laser Alignment

Misalignment between two machines is a common fault identified on rotating assemblies that can be corrected. Misalignment and coupling errors can be overcome when using our on-site services in most applications.

When a shaft alignment has been completed, it is recommended that the alignment is assessed dynamically, using our Vibration Analysis service. This will help determine if a machine assembly has achieved an acceptable alignment and vibration condition, deemed acceptable for long term operation, in accordance with ISO.

Expert Guidance

Thermal Imaging

Our dedicated Thermal Imaging service has identify many potential failure conditions on Electrical & Mechanical systems. The benefits are clear; greater reliability, reduced down time and maintenance costs. Thermal Imaging surveys can also be used for other applications such as heat conservation, and energy efficiency savings. Please contact our sales team with you enquiry today.



The Reliability Professionals

Dynamic Monitoring was established in London at the turn of the millennium in 2000. Where we have been providing services across the UK and Internationally for our clients. 

Over 25 years experience in reliability maintenance has been acquired in solving complex machine faults, in all industry sectors, saving our clients excessive losses.

We are committed to your success.



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Petrochemical Site

A Process Extract Fan requires Urgent Dynamic Balancing during shutdown maintenance works.